Stuffing Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes

If you're looking to fit as much fabric as you can into one (or more) package(s) to minimize your shipping costs, you're in the right place! caculates your shipping cost based on the total purchase price of the items you're buying. It's not completely ideal, but it's the way that works for most customers and most orders. Because fabric prices vary, however, this method does not normally allow you to stuff a flat rate envelope or box as full as you might like--when you get to the last yard or two, the shipping calculator might kick your order up into the next shipping tier.

If you would like to stuff an envelope or box according to the chart below*, simply check out as normal, and leave a note at checkout asking us to refund your shipping overage. 

You're also welcome to contact us after you've placed your order to request a refund of your shipping overage.

Fits up to
Flat Rate Envelope
10 yards
Medium Flat Rate Box
24 yards
Large Flat Rate Box
35 yards

Please note that these prices apply to quilting/fashion weight cotton only. 

Shipping overages will be refunded back to your credit or debit card.  If you paid with an e-check via PayPal, you shipping overage will be refunded when your check clears.  Overages will be refunded when your shipping label is printed, or before.

*While we can normally fit the amounts in the chart into the respective packages, sometimes we are not able to do so. In real life, what fits into a package depends largely on the length of each cut or size of the item.  Odd length cuts, for example, do not always fold down into the nice shape required to completely stuff a flat rate envelope.  Therefore, refunds for stuffing will be given only if the fabric actually fits into the package.  If it fits into the desired package, a refund will certainly be given.